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FREE Stuff For Growing Your Business
Here is a collection of my podcasts and blog posts that will help...
Expert Secrets Book By Russell Brunson
Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice. 

Want to be known as the go to person, the expert in your industry? The get this book immediately!  
Also grab his other book Dot Com Secrets which will show you how to build your company online!
*You just pay for shipping
And How You Can Ethically Copy It
Building Your Online Business
This is Russell Brunson's free training for business owners who want to take their business online and freaking CRUSH IT! 
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The Entrepreneur Playbook
Come listen to hear from some amazing guests, get tips
Join Chris On His Way To Work
Business Video Tips
Free video tips to help business owners take their business & life to the next level!
Free Marketing Book
Build Your Business Online With
DOTCOM Secrets
This is literally a step by step, paint by numbers, style book on building your business online. Russell Brunson outlines the processes you need to implement, even the scripts you need to use. An amazing book, and you can get it for free, you just need to pay a small shipping fee.
Get A Free Business Book On
Time is a precious resource, if you spend time in the car or commuting then you may as well use it to learn and grow! There are so many amazing business books on Audible...get started!
Books On Growing Your Business
Napoleon Hill
Think & Grow Rich
Jay Abraham
Getting everything you can our of all you've got
Frank Bettger
How i raised myself from failure to success in selling
Grant Cardone
The 10X Rule
Tim Ferris
The 4 Hour Work Week
Gary Vaynerchuk
Courses To Help You Grow Your Business
On Udemy there are courses for literally EVERYTHING you can think of here are just a few ideas that might get you started....

Grant Cardone - Learn To Sell Anything
Seth Godin's Freelancer Course
Danielle LaPorte - Firestarter sessions
Facebook Ads - Theres loads of courses on these
Become A Better Public Speaker
How to set up an online store


Tools For Growing Your Business
Build Awesome Sales Funnels With
Build sales funnels. Even build websites, heck, this website is built in ClickFunnels. Get a 14 day FREE trial when you click the button below.
Manage Your Social Media With
All your social media profiles in one place! Great time saver, easy to organise and schedule posts. Its FREE for a certain amount of profiles.
Automate Your Marketing With
Active Campaign
Follow up emails & sequences can be automated with Active Campaign. 
If you are building a blog or website on wordpress then you need to host it somewhere. Check out BlueHost. 
Great wordpress themes from
Getting a great looking site doesn't mean hiring a web designer to build something from scratch for you. It can, but thats going to be a high cost, especially if just starting out. Check out themeforest for loads of templates which you can get.
Get Everything In One Place With
Google Drive
It's free and might be my most used tool. Keep all your documents in one place, share them with your team, and be able to access them anywhere. 
Need A Designer?
Find Freelancers With
Designers, coders, developers, admin, writers, literally anyone with a skill that you need is on here. Go and find someone to do a couple hours work or a set amount of time each week. Amazing!
Logo's, Websites & More With
99 Designs
I LOVE 99 Designs! If you want a logo, website, t-shirt designed. Set out your ideas and watch as hundreds of designers get to work competing for the final design. Such a bargain too!
Find Freelancers With
It's amazing what you can get done for $5.00. 
Events To Help You Grow Your Business
We will add some great events that you should add to your list soon!
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