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When most people talk about personal finances, they talk in terms of saving money.

“Ooooh you can save £3 a day if you don’t have that daily Starbucks! And over a year that's an £1,095” Even if you did that, do you think you would have that extra £1k just sat there in your account at the end of the year…. No chance. And if you bloody love a Starbucks, the idea of not having it is going to take huge willpower and its going to seem like you are being punished.

I’d rather workout how I can make an extra £3 a day to make that Starbucks taste even better!

And instead of saying “I can’t afford that, in relation to anything” I will always ask myself “How can I afford that?” I think I got that out of Robert Kiyosaki’s book which I will tell you a bit about in a moment.

That’s why I am a big fan of a few people's work around finance.

The first person who I came across and totally transformed my mindset around money was Robert Kiyosaki. His book Rich Dad, Poor Dad should be essential reading for every person.

More recently, within the last couple years, I have come across Ramit Sethi and his work and in the world of investing Tony Robbins is doing an incredible job at making it understandable for the average Joe like me.

So check out the resources below…

Books On Improving Your Personal Wealth
I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s way of thinking. 
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
Cash Flow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki
Guide To Investing - Robert Kiyosaki
In the last couple of years Tony Robbins has been focusing a lot of helping people improve their finances. His most recent book is Unshakeable!
Money: Master The Game
Tony Robbins
Unshakeable: Your Guide To Financial Freedom
Tony Robbins
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Ramit Sethi
Tools For Organising Your Finances
Board Game
Cashflow - The Investing Game by Robert Kiyosaki
This is brilliant. Get it on your ipad. Or get the board game to play with the family.
Money Dashboard
What gets measured gets managed! Money dashboard is a FREE service to keep track of all our finances. You can see where your money has gone, budget for the the future and more. A great tool to keep an eye on and improve your finances.
Events To Financial Freedom
Unleash The Power Within
Why? Because the state of your personal finances is directly correlated to your mindset!
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